According to Joesph Campbell, the separation from society or the departure from childhood is the first stage of a typical hero's adventure. The five events typical of the departure are:
The Call to Adventure
The Refusal of the Call
Supernatural Aid
The Crossing of the First Threshold
The Belly of the Whale

Nicole R. = Daphne & Apollo Supernatural Aid
John C. = Star Wars II, Refusal of the Call
Jessi H. = Star Wars II, Supernatural Aid

Gabrielle J. = Harry Potter, Belly of the Whale, HP and the SS
Jean R = Danny Watts, Traitor, Refusal
Thomas M. = Gandolf the Gray, LotR, Call to Adventure
Mason M = Luke, A New Hope, Crossing of the First Threshold
Matt K. = Percy, ???, The Last Olympian

Vale S. =Anthony "Swoff" Swofford, Jarhead, Crossing of First Thresh hold

Seth H = Frodo, Belly of the whale.
Cameron P = Harry Potter, Crossing the First Threshold, HP and the SS
Dillon A = Star Wars I, Obi Wan & Qui Jinn, Supernatural Aid
Brian W = Main Character, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Call to Adventure
Rachel N = Braveheart, Supernatural Call, William Wallace
Cameron D = Lord of the Rings, Crossing, Frodo