The Lion King: Call to Adventure

A normal occurrence motivates the protagonist to acknowledge an unknown aspect of his/her world, feel a restlessness with the constraints of his/her life, or find a new world that s/he was not aware existed.

Scar: Nala and the Return: King

In the Lion King the protagonist, Simba is a very curious lion who wants to know what is beyond Pride Rock. He even takes his best friend and future guide, Nala with him to a graveyard where he is not allowed to see what is there. His father discovers him and tells him not to go looking for trouble because it can be very dangerous (The Lion King). Simba's call is then completed when Scar, his uncle, and the hyenas force him to leave Pride Rock from the death of Mufasa,his father. Simba is thought to have killed his father from Scar, and is haunted by it for a great deal of his life.After Simba runs away because he thinks he is responsible for his father’s death, he meets Timon and Pumba who he lives with until he is older. Then one day, Nala hunts Pumba and Simba fights her off. After they realize who the other person is, Nala tells Simba that he must come back.She tells him that his uncle, Scar, has become king and allowed the hyenas to rule over his homeland. She asks him to come back to take back his rightful role as king. Simba initially says no. http://www.articleslash.com/Arts-and-Entertainment/128874__The-Lion-King.html http://home.rmi.net/~seifert/id22.htmlhttp://herokids.wordpress.com/2007/06/08/the-lion-king/